Molokhia or Corchorus olitorius and also we can know it under name Jew’s Mallow is a national dish in Egypt ! 

The history say the first one who ever ate it was a Jewish man but it is not sure 100 % but what I am pretty sure about that Molokhia was eating PHARAOHS, well all of them. This food is simply too old that we even cannot remember the start but It is healthy as nothing on this earth. .. Continue reading “Molokhia”

How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?

I know a lot of Egyptian girls will hate me now and they will fight with me that what I have wrote is really not true but this is what I see on my own eyes and me as a girl I have been cross all these points so actually I am describing my own I am sorry very much if someone will be angry at me, I do not want to insult anyone but this is really the truth and I am going to spread it to the world. … Continue reading “How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?”

Cairo-The best Koshari place ever

Usually if I travel for Czech Embassy I have meeting there around 9 am BUT this time for good luck they changed the time and my meeting was around 14:00 ! What a perfect time ! Really, because I could sleep normally all the night and wake up at 6 am – which is my normal time for waking up. But let me tell you the secret if I have meeting at 14:00 in Cairo I have to leave at 8 am from Alexandria to reach it in time.  Continue reading “Cairo-The best Koshari place ever”

Citadel of Qaitbay

Welcome in the second day from the 14 days of improbable vacation. As a first real trip in Alexandria I decided for Citadel of Qaitbay. It`s very beautiful place, historical one and tells you about Alexandria a lot. The weather was also nice not too hot and too cold so it was perfect for a sightseeing… Continue reading “Citadel of Qaitbay”

14 days of Improbable vacation

I think, Everyone of us has a wish or dream in his heart which seems improbable and you would never believe it could became true one day. As a example your deep wish could be about your dream job, traveling, love, family and so on..

And one of my wishes in this life which I always though will never happen because it was too absurd and impossible was to make my parents to Egypt and introduce them this beautiful country. So even there was not even 1 percentage that this wish will happen,

God changed it by his will and impossible became true… Continue reading “14 days of Improbable vacation”

How much do you love your MUM?

One year is already over and we again reached the date 21/3 ! Here is the question – What are we celebrating in this date in Egypt? ? ? Do you know ?? No?

OMG, How could you forget !

Its our sweet and brilliant occasion called MOTHER` S DAY !!!!!

The last year I showed you how we are celebrating mother day in a school but this year I am going to show you how a normal family celebrate it. It`s going to be really too different. So keep reading…. Continue reading “How much do you love your MUM?”

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