New Month = New Start

This will sound little bit weird but I am asking you for a help. Please if you can open this page and read it till the end and give me your feedback because it is really too important for me and for this blog to the future…

Few weeks ago I actually was contacting one business woman who made a pretty good career with her own project on Youtube and it totally changed her life. She became a “star” in Europe and I really admire her so much.

Anyway I contacted her with a request if she can look on my blog and give me her own opinion what she thinks about it. If it has any value to continue my work to the future and I can take this task serious or if I should keep writing just for a fun, for my own pleasure.

Surprisingly she answered me in a few days with a words that my blog is amazing and that she would definitely continued but she also told me I have to work much more on it and keep learning new things and so on..

But at the end she told me that when she opened my blog and read it she could not recognize if my blog is about Egypt as “travel blog” or its about me as a “personal blog” or “family blog”. I kept thinking about this her question too much for too long time but I cannot figure it out…

So that`s the task what I want to ask you……if you read my blog ….is it

“travel or personal blog” ???

And which way I should continue to write?

Should I write more personally about my life in Egypt or should I skip this and write just about Egypt as a country?




Please let me know your opinion as soon as possible. I am impatiently waiting on your respond.



7 thoughts on “New Month = New Start

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  1. Why can’t you have a Personal Travel blog? Does such a thing exist? If not, create it now! Why not? New Month = New Start
    I do appreciate the ‘personal’ aspect that you put into your writings.

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    1. wow, you really impressed me by this idea. Maybe this is exactly what I was searching about. the personal travel blog under this title can hide actually everything whats in my heart. Thank you very much for your help.

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  2. Hello, Sajda. I think categories are useful for some readers, but not so much for others. I am in the latter camp, I really don’t care about categories as what you share are pieces of your life and life cannot be tagged in travel, personal or others: there are no borders. Your blog is fantastic and I follow for what it is: a piece of yourself.
    Some of the reasons I don’t consider it a travel blog is: you are not a tourist having a week tour around there, you are living there with a considerable and complex cultural interaction as, for example, your posture and the posture of Egyptians about cats. Little details that tell so much about a lot; any blog is a personal blog, otherwise it would be a magazine with collaborators, editors and a kind of chief so that’s tacit; it’s not a family blog but it has a part of family because that’s a part of your complex life there.
    Of course this is a personal point of view, personally I think that tagging ourselves or our work is the task of critics, viewers or readers; we just have to do what we feel we have to do, that’s inevitable. Kinds regards and a smile from Peru, any decision you take I hope goes well for you : )

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    1. Hello, I took really long time of thinking before my answer to you.Indeed I think you are blog is actually personal blog. I just though about my posts and if I am writing just about some places of Egypt or history no one really care but If i am writing about myself and my life here so I have always hundreds of readers.The other thing I thought about what would happen with my blog If I move to another country. Even I love Egypt sometimes I miss Europe and no one know the future. I am actually very impulsive person so its not impossible that I will not stay here forever. So I just planned inside of me If I would move away one day I still want to keep this blog and maybe I would write about my life as a muslim in Europe or something like this.The questions is would the readers stay with me? Or they just read my life cuz of the Egypt itself.But as I told on the start I think the readers like my life and thats why I got them actually. So thank you for opening my eyes because now I see all the blog is just about me in this country. Thank you

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      1. Well, if you move to another country still I would follow you. I am not European, from Peru to me Europe is still an exotic continent, as exotic as Egypt, and Islam is also an exotic religion. So still I would follow you. And if some readers don’t follow you others interested in the new topic will appear. Best wishes n_n

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