Molokhia or Corchorus olitorius and also we can know it under name Jew’s Mallow is a national dish in Egypt ! 

The history say the first one who ever ate it was a Jewish man but it is not sure 100 % but what I am pretty sure about that Molokhia was eating PHARAOHS, well all of them. This food is simply too old that we even cannot remember the start but It is healthy as nothing on this earth. .. Continue reading “Molokhia”

Mahshi – National Food

 When you come to Egypt so the first which all families will try to give you is a food called Mahshi. I would call it a national food of Egypt because it is simply everywhere. It has own secrets which only the Arabian people knows and today I will share it with you. Honestly it is little bit hard to make and need a lot of try but by the time even you can learn how to make it perfect. I think that Mahshi is very good and tasty food but for me – I cannot see it anymore because as I told it is simply everywhere all the time 😀 Everyone force you to eat it, everyone give it to you as a present etc…. But it worth to know it and at least once in your life to eat it 😀 Enjoy…

Continue reading “Mahshi – National Food”

Rice with Milk

Do you know rice with a milk? I think its famous all around the world with different tastes and kinds of making. Even in my country they make it but its too heavy and I never liked it so much. Its actually only about rice and the milk like disappeared i really do not know how we can afford to eat it. But since I came to Egypt I fall in love with this sweet and I was buying in on the street almost every day. The arabian countries simply knows the secret how to make it delicious way but But trust me the Egyptian is the Best !  And Today I made a big step and decided to make it at home. And believe me the home made is simply extra yummy. You must try it with me !  Continue reading “Rice with Milk”

Livers and Potatoes


I have been describing a lot of stuffs about Egypt during these 2 months but I suddenly realized that I forget really one important part of Egyptian culture.

Guess what ! Of course FOOD !!!

Food is one of the most important thing in this world so For sure I must include this to my blog.

Honestly I think Egyptian kitchen is very interesting and also very easy so everyone can learn it. Some food are similar to European one and some you would never guess it is exist in the world. And if you want to try some food what I will describe here – go ahead !

I do not copy the recipes from internet but I write it from my own or my friends or family experiences. So Hope you will enjoy X

P.s. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to ask me ! Continue reading “Livers and Potatoes”

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