How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?

I know a lot of Egyptian girls will hate me now and they will fight with me that what I have wrote is really not true but this is what I see on my own eyes and me as a girl I have been cross all these points so actually I am describing my own I am sorry very much if someone will be angry at me, I do not want to insult anyone but this is really the truth and I am going to spread it to the world. … Continue reading “How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?”

Being a Teacher- obsession or necessity ?


Almost every person in Egypt appears to be a teacher. For me it was improbable how can it work. Anyone who I met and regardless of his profession gave me the same answer – I am a teacher. Teacher of Arabic, Math, Science, English, PE etc...I just opened my mouth and stared on those people…I really could not find out long time “why everyone wants to be a teacher” even without enough experiences or little bit of talent.

I guess to be a real teacher is a huge life mission and not anyone can do it. And the second question inside of me was “How all of those people can earn money by the teaching?”  But as the time passes I finally found the answer and also will show you my own teachers experiences…. Continue reading “Being a Teacher- obsession or necessity ?”

Egypt VS Europe -Should be women at home or work?

Since I came to Egypt my opinions started to change very radically way. And specially about a women case. I grow up in the environment that I have to study  a lot and have a good results in school because after I finish my school I will immediately start to work and earn money. I must study well to get the best job with the best money. Then go to university,  buy my own flat,  feed myself and so on...But the biggest point was to be independent from parents and any men. simply to live on my own and do not rely that someone will help me or save me. So my life was actually managed and prepared before I could even decide what I want and who I want to be…Also I did not know another way of living so I simply agreed with everything till time I met Egyptian women… Continue reading “Egypt VS Europe -Should be women at home or work?”

Black magic in Islam. Fake?

At the start of my blog I promised you I will share with you the Truth about Egypt. And we all know TRUTH is not always pleasant but sometimes its really creepy and cruel. This is the day when I am going to fulfill my promise. I want to share with you one Egyptian story about Lover couple…notice it is really true story from someone who I know actually. But for respecting and keeping their privacy I changed their names in this article.

Continue reading “Black magic in Islam. Fake?”

Niqab is my life

I want to share with you one of the most important decision in my life. And it is actually wearing a niqab. A lot of people does not understand how could I chose it voluntary. Some people still think till now that someone forced me or my religion forced me to this. I would like to explain you the reason why  I wear it and what niqab means for me. Continue reading “Niqab is my life”

Interview with Gheda

 I was thinking about to make something little bit special. So at the end I decided to make an interview with One Egyptian lady, her name is Gheda. I asked her few questions which I was writing on my blog in the last days.I am sure it is very good idea actually because you can compare my point of view on the things here in Egypt and also the Egyptian point of view.

Continue reading “Interview with Gheda”

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