Cairo-The best Koshari place ever

Usually if I travel for Czech Embassy I have meeting there around 9 am BUT this time for good luck they changed the time and my meeting was around 14:00 ! What a perfect time ! Really, because I could sleep normally all the night and wake up at 6 am – which is my normal time for waking up. But let me tell you the secret if I have meeting at 14:00 in Cairo I have to leave at 8 am from Alexandria to reach it in time.  Continue reading “Cairo-The best Koshari place ever”


Wow! And it is here ! Article which I wanted to write long time ago but just now I persuaded myself to really do it !!! Let me take you for a while to the ancient world of the Egypt.Back to pharaohs and back to the time of mystic magic but also wisdom.If you are not a fan of history – IT DOES NOT MATTER. This article will be very refreshing and you will absolutely enjoy and love it ! Continue reading “Pyramids”

Porto Marina

Summer is in full swing and it would be a sin to do not write an article about one of the most beautiful resorts in Egypt. Today I chose for you resort called Marina, and trust me or not this resort is mostly for very very very rich people. So to get inside is not easy but it is not also impossible… Continue reading “Porto Marina”

Al Nasrya

CAM00397Today, I have visited my husband´s distant aunt in place called Al Nasrya. This place  is far away from Alexandria. The last time I visited this place was almost 1 year ago. But since the first time I saw this place I hardly fell in love to it. We can say that this place is similar to village but “village” in Egypt has really feeling like you reback 300 years in history. You feel so relaxed and refreshed and far away from modern technique. It is really balm on a heart.

Continue reading “Al Nasrya”

Royal Jewelry Museum


Every day when I go to my work I see the building of Royal Jewelry Museum.

And I have to say the building itself its too beautiful. Its from white stone so its very shining and specially in sunlight.

But actually I never planned visit this museum. Even I adore jewelry its simply did not come on my mind to see it in museum.  Continue reading “Royal Jewelry Museum”

Tram in Alexandria

I decided I will document all Alexandria step by step. Because people from Europe or America or Asia mostly do not know how true Egypt look like. Ok, so lets start with my first short video about TRAM IN ALEXANDRIA. I m sure you will like it. Don`t forget to share it with your friends and family 😀

The Roman Amphitheatre


Photo taken by Abdelrahman Elsayed

 Alexandria was the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It was center of business, political meetings and favorite city of all conquerors of Egypt.

Alexandria was founded by the roman man – Alexander the Great. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt so of course all Romans fell in love with Egyptian richness as a gold, fruit, herbs, cotton etc. but also very huge and old history and undiscovered elements.

The Romans knew if they stayed in Egypt they can build one of the biggest and strongest empire in the world. Since Alexander the Great and continue cross Cleopatra age, the Romans ruled Egypt around 700 years.
For this reason nowadays you  still can find a lot of buildings and things from roman empire.

One of the most famous place in Alexandria from Roman Empire is The roman amphitheatre. And it is also one of the oldest amphitheatre in the world.

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