Happy to write for you again in New month ! Welcome in September 😀

I hope all of you enjoyed holidays as much as you could and you took enough rest from a work and all duties and responsibilities.

In Egypt we start September with the second biggest occasion in a Muslim world called “Eid al Adha”. Continue reading “September”


New Month is Here ! Do you feel that the time is passing so fast? I definitely do! Sometimes I really feel pity that we cannot stop the time in the beautiful moments. But that is the Life.  Well, do not be melancholic as me 😀 and Let`s look whats new in Egypt.

Continue reading “August”

May, June, July


Hello all my friends and reader

as you can see I am finally back. I am very sorry that I did not write anything in the last 3 months but a lot of things were happening so there was no time on writing.

For your luck – I am going to describe for you all the things what happened. But of course very slowly – step by step 😀  Continue reading “May, June, July”



Finally is here April, finally is here SPRING ! Are you happy as Am I????

Wow, I must say that I am really over happy, finally the cold days are away and here in Egypt we start to go to the sea and swim. Continue reading “April”



Its already one month what I have started writing this blog about Egypt. 

On the start the idea looked very clear and very easy then it showed up its not so easy and it need a lot of time and effort. I know I posted only few articles but I learn every day more and more. I wish in this month March post much more articles and more interesting and even make more videos. And I really hope that people will enjoy it.

As I already once told Egypt is not easy to understand and its not easy to find true informations even in our ages of modern life with internet etc. Thats my job, what I want to prove. Really to show only the true reality for all people in the world. 

But for me I have to say I enjoyed this month. Specially this month a lot of people asked me the SAME QUESTION: Why I decided to live in Egypt?!  Continue reading “March”

New Life in Egypt

Hello everybody,

I m so happy that I decided to write this blog. I was thinking about writting a blog for a years but just now i took the BIG STEP and HERE I AM !

Ok let me introduce myself. My name is Sajda Afifi and I was born in Europe. I studied business academy but since I was a little kid I had a big dream and it was EGYPT.

I  do not know when and where exactly began my passion for Egypt but its in my blood. When I was a 7 years old I decided to be an egyptologist. Well in this point I still did not succeed but I believe that with this web it will be a good start.  Continue reading “New Life in Egypt”

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