Crazily luxurious FlyEgypt !

The first time when I was in Alexandria can you guess what took my attention? Well it was a library and a sea but from a modern buildings which are Along the coast my attention took a enormously huge building called San Stefano. Its located in the middle of Alexandria, directly in front of the sea and it’s the most modern and highest building here. When I entered inside I could not believe myself. In the ground floor of San Stefano we have a hotels, shop markets, cinema -exactly the same amazing and beautiful way as in Europe. On the upper floor are the most expensive flat ever. Only famous singers, actors, politics etc. are living there. It is impossible to enter for a “normal” person. Of course something luxurious like this carries kind of secrets with itself and will make you interested, specially here in Egypt where such a luxury is not on daily base.

The question was who built it? Who involved it? Or just who had such an idea to make it and was able to succeed in it? Continue reading “Crazily luxurious FlyEgypt !”

Sobooa – Baby shower

I have the long expected surprise for you Today ! I have planned write about  a Baby shower half year ago and even I attended a lot of different baby showers so always something happened that I was not able to write about it or I did not have all needy information or a pictures but TODAY is going to change everything. I have all what you need to know right now. So Hurry Up to Read it because it took me a lot of efforts.

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Siwa – Paradise of Egypt


At the last day of the year 2016 every person is thinking about the previous year and either me. I was thinking about my best memories and actually I remembered one of my best memories of all my life. Unfortunately it did not happen in the year 2016 but actually 4 years ago. however I decided to share this memory with you today to open the New year Happily and Positively. Continue reading “Siwa – Paradise of Egypt”

Being a Teacher- obsession or necessity ?


Almost every person in Egypt appears to be a teacher. For me it was improbable how can it work. Anyone who I met and regardless of his profession gave me the same answer – I am a teacher. Teacher of Arabic, Math, Science, English, PE etc...I just opened my mouth and stared on those people…I really could not find out long time “why everyone wants to be a teacher” even without enough experiences or little bit of talent.

I guess to be a real teacher is a huge life mission and not anyone can do it. And the second question inside of me was “How all of those people can earn money by the teaching?”  But as the time passes I finally found the answer and also will show you my own teachers experiences…. Continue reading “Being a Teacher- obsession or necessity ?”

Mahshi – National Food

 When you come to Egypt so the first which all families will try to give you is a food called Mahshi. I would call it a national food of Egypt because it is simply everywhere. It has own secrets which only the Arabian people knows and today I will share it with you. Honestly it is little bit hard to make and need a lot of try but by the time even you can learn how to make it perfect. I think that Mahshi is very good and tasty food but for me – I cannot see it anymore because as I told it is simply everywhere all the time 😀 Everyone force you to eat it, everyone give it to you as a present etc…. But it worth to know it and at least once in your life to eat it 😀 Enjoy…

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